Composer, producer, guitarist and multi instrumentalist Andres Felipe Gomez has written music for a wide range of mediums, including orchestral epic tracks, string quartets, jazz ensembles, and instrumental solo material.  

Felipe began composing from an early age as a young guitar student. A few years later, armed with nothing but an early 90’s DAW and composition intuition, he started venturing into music midi. Eventually, he studied Music Composition at Lewis & Clark College and earned a Masters in Music Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2009. 

Felipe's music has been featured in experimental films and theater play productions, as well as many live performances. Recently, he has focused on commercial music, including tracks for stock music libraries and music for games. He utilizes various DAW ‘s including Logic, Protools, and his all time favorite, Reaper, which has led him to learn and use some basic coding.  

A committed educator for over 17 years, Felipe teaches guitar and bass at Heriz Music,  and manages the music component at Cedars of Marin textile Art Center. 

Felipe has performed with numerous artists in the Bay Area. Among them, Tracy Sirota’s indie rock group and Bay Area’s neo soul group Jade Velvet. With many recordings under his belt, Felipe is working towards releasing his first full album with the eight string guitar, featuring original songs in collaboration with Drummer Graham Roggli, and Vocalist Jade Wade from Jade Velvet. 


Side Note

In 2015 I became interested in building ergonomic guitars. As a result, I built two guitars, including one seven string electro acoustic guitar with three bass strings and four guitar strings inspired by Charlie Hunter’s Novax guitar. These guitars are my favorites to play, I won’t buy a guitar ever again. Though only time will tell.